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Cal Thomas
Syndicated and USAToday Columnist/Fox News Contributor

Having worked in government and the church, Wallace Henley understands that our government cannot experience healing unless its people are healed first. Scripture warns what happens to people and nations that forget God. Globequake looks at current events and puts them in the context of the larger prophetic picture. Even if America is too far gone to be saved, believers are not. Globequake reminds us of the only road “home.”


Gary Thomas
Author of Sacred Marriage, Every Body Matters, and other Christian living bestsellers

As an aide to a U.S. President and an Associate Pastor at the nation’s largest Southern Baptist Church, Wallace Henley has one of the most diverse experiences of leadership of any Christian leader writing today. His grasp of Scripture, understanding of human nature, and familiarity with the intricacies of leadership are obvious and apparent in every paragraph.


Gari Meacham
Author of Truly Fed and Spirit Hunger. President and founder of Truly Fed Ministries.

Wallace Henley masterfully reminds us that although the world “Quakes” with change and unrest, the promises of God remain. This timely book helps explain the confusion we live in today, and, more importantly, what to do about it!


Ernest Liang, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Christianity in Business
Houston Baptist University

At a time when fear, desperation, and chaos seem to stare at us wherever we turn in a world shaken by upheavals of historic proportions, Dr. Henley sends a message of joy, hope, and assurance for all who believe in the unshakeable promises of God. Why seek the promises of politicians and central bankers when the Creator has one that never fails? This book is refreshing and comforting, a “must read” for all who are shaken by the Globequake of events unfolding around us.


Song Cao, Ph.D.
President, Global Synergy Corporation
President, Chinese Christian Business Association

The message of this book is insightful and powerful. It shows how to build unshakeable churches, solid families, truth-based educational systems, principled government, and sustainable and successful companies in the midst of global turbulence. This book will benefit many people around the world.


J. Ron Hibbert, London, England
World Missions Director, British Assemblies of God

Wallace Henley is uniquely gifted to observe global shifts. He is that rare animal, a thinking man’s pastor, a churchman who does not see everything through a coloured and restricted religious lens. His brush strokes are majestic, sweeping and broad, as they traverse human history. He comments incisively on events that call out for a spiritual perspective of hope in time of change, rather than the doom and gloom philosophy of so many religious leaders. Like the Apostle Paul, Henley throws his anchor deep into the bedrock of God’s Eternal Purpose.


Roger Wernette
Author of Wholehearted and Executive Director of The Gathering of Men, Houston

Wallace Henley brings to the table a unique background which allows him to paint a picture of our past, present, and future. His vocational diversity gives him a unique viewpoint that few can rival. With the instructive capability of a professor, the critical eye of a reporter, the instincts of a White House aide, and the loving care of a pastor, he details the chaos with which all of us are far too familiar. It is one thing to point out the issues of the world. It is quite another to do so with hope and love for the God Who works through the very events that shatter our lives. Globequake will lead you to experience the uncertainty of life and the certainty of the Creator.


Simon T. Bailey
Author of The Vuja de Moment, and Release Your Brilliance
Corporate leadership speaker

As a leadership speaker and consultant in twenty-one nations, not to mention his work as a teaching pastor and author, Wallace Henley knows what’s going on in the world. He has seen a lot of turbulence, a lot of disaster, a lot of evil. And, he realizes that those of us who are paying attention are anxiously questioning our futures and the futures of our children and our businesses as well. Globequake is the answer we need. In the book, Henley employs the teachings of the Bible to focus, reassure and calm our minds in this world gone chaotic. His looking back – both insightfully and powerfully – will allow us to move forward, to live in and act with hope.