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Whole cultures and their nations are being flooded by the poisonous torrents of raging violence, terrorism, incivility, and disorder. Increasingly, deluging chaos sweeps away what were regarded as indestructible churches, families, schools, governments, and companies.

In the midst of it all there is a great hope: the reality of the Kingdom of God.

Ages ago the leaders of the city of Jericho had a similar crisis, though not on the scale of today’s perils. The stream they depended on for watering their land, and providing their own drinking water and that of their cattle, had gone bad. Both humans and farms were barren. The leaders of Jericho sought Elisha, a man of God, for help. The prophet called for a jar of fresh salt, and poured it on the “headwaters” of the stream of Jericho. As the result, the Lord said, “I have purified these waters; there shall not be from there death or unfruitfulness any longer.” The Bible goes on to report that “the waters have been purified to this day, according to the word of Elisha which he spoke.” (2 Kings 2:21-22 NASU)

Headwaters Leadership Institute, supported by the Headwaters Leadership Development Fund (a tax-exempt charity through National Christian Foundation), seeks to pour the “salt” of the principles of the Kingdom of God on the “headwaters” of cultural institutions—the Church, Home, School, Government, Business-Marketplace. Leadership is the “headwaters” of all these agencies. Headwaters Leadership Institute is a primary vehicle through which Wallace Henley takes his rich experience into the world through leadership development workshops, curricula, and books.

The quality of the headwaters determines the quality of everything downstream. Heal the headwaters, and you heal the whole stream of culture and its institutions. The result is a vibrant, healthy nation.




The Vision that drives HLI is that of the key institutions of society—Church, Family, Education, Government, Business—led by people who understand and apply the leadership principles of God’s Kingdom revealed in the Bible and modeled by Jesus Christ.


  • Jesus Christ, the wisdom (Logos) of God, and the pre-eminent example of true leadership
  • The biblically revealed Kingdom of God as the foundation for all leadership
  • The five key agencies of society—Church, Family, Education, Government, Business—as the “streams” through which the energizing reality of God’s Kingdom can flow into whole nations, resulting in their healing and vitality
  • Leaders in those streams as being at the “headwaters” of each


HLI exists to equip potential and practicing leaders in Church, Family, Education, Government, Business, with an understanding of the principles of God’s Kingdom and their application in leadership.


  • To conduct Headwaters Leadership Institutes in the United States and around the world
  • To provide leadership development curricula based on biblically based Kingdom principles for Church, Family, Education, Government, Business
  • To provide biblically based teaching, counsel and guidance to agencies and their leaders in leadership, management, and organizational development



Headwaters Leadership Institute is not merely lamenting the poisoning of the “streams” of nations, but pouring the healing salt on the “headwaters” of leadership that carry the vitality and purity of Kingdom truth and principles into the institutions, agencies, and corporations they lead. HLI principles have been tested and proven over more than three decades in 22 nations.