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Not By Fear But By Faith

New book by Wallace Henley details how to remain fearless in an increasingly fearful world

Wallace_2013(Dallas-Fort Worth) —There is no question that we live in an unstable world. The economic crisis that rocked America three years ago has gone global and continues unabated. In the past decade alone, the number of natural disasters has increased sixty fold while famine rages in some countries and war ravages others. Regimes teeter on the brink while others topple. In recent months, riots have ripped through London and across Greece, and the threat of nuclear war remains an ever present concern. To even the most casual observer, the world around us has become a global stress test, and each day more of us are losing all hope of passing.

Thankfully, there is a sure and proven way we can survive this uncertainty and change. In his new book, Globequake, Living in the Unshakable Kingdom While The World Falls Apart (Thomas Nelson, July, 2012), author Wallace Henley masterfully provides us with a blueprint, reminding us through both scripture and example that no matter how unstable the world may become, the promises of God remain steadfast and sure.

I’ve counseled with hundreds of hurting, confused, distressed people. In recent years, however, the needs have deepened, bewilderment has intensified and the problems have become much more complex.

Henley is no stranger to “globequakes” as he calls those times when our world is shaken to its core. Born just two days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Henley has spent the better part of his life developing a keen understanding of a crisis-ridden world. As a young journalist, he chronicled the Civil Rights movement in Birmingham. Later, during the troubled Nixon administration, he served as a White House aide. In the time since, serving as a speaker and pastor, he has traveled around the world, and quickly confesses that the current world turmoil surpasses any he previously witnessed.

“As a pastor,” Henley notes, “I see the impact on people daily. I’ve counseled with hundreds of hurting, confused, distressed people. In recent years, however, the needs have deepened, bewilderment has intensified and the problems have become much more complex.”

Despite these observations, he stresses that we have no reason for fear. Throughout the pages of Globequake, he presents a compelling argument that what we are experiencing is truly nothing more than an invitation to renew our faith as never before and anchor ourselves in Christ. It is a persistent call for us to change our viewpoint, choosing to see the rapidly changing world from the spiritual perspective of trust in God’s unchanging Kingdom, rather than from a perspective of an earthly realm influenced by every prevailing wind.

Insisting that we are seeing a shift taking place within what he calls the six core spheres of society (person, church, family, education, government and business), he extensively details how the present globequake has struck hard in each of these areas and what we must do if we are to hope for constructive change.

“It is about the gritty task of being people of integrity,” he explains, “raising strong families, educating children with truth rather than cultural propaganda, electing principled governments, and building companies that succeed and endure despite the constant changes in the marketplace.”

As Henley writes in Globequake’s introduction, his one hope is that the reader will “see that the end of the journey for the person anchored to Him (Christ) is the realization and consummation of hope – no matter how hard the shaking along the route.”

Living In The Unshakeable Kingdom While The World Falls Apart
by Wallace Henley
Thomas Nelson Publishing / July 7, 2012
ISBN: 9781595555014/272 pages/paperback/$16.99
www.ThomasNelson.com – www.WallaceHenley.com


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